Mental Health


At Crossroads we not only want to help our clients overcome addiction, we want to help them feel in control of their lives again.


More than 86% of our clients suffer from co-occurring disorders. This means that it isn't just drugs and alcohol the only thing they are suffering. In many cases, there is a mental health problem that is either related or the underlining cause of the addiction. In other words, drugs and alcohol are in many cases a "self-medication" to feel better. If we don't treat mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and deep childhood trauma, the likelihood for clients to self-medicate again is very likely. We partner with Alta Vista to help treat clients with co-occurring disorders, so we can diminish underlying problems and improve the chances of success for each participant.


Mental health is a key component of someone’s inability to maintain sobriety from any substance. Alta Vista provides the much needed mental health and counseling the person needs, addressing the cause of many cases of addiction and relapse.There is also an extensive list of classes available to help them get on track.  Alta Vista assists in tackling the underlying causes of someone’s addiction, while also teaching them skills to function independently.


Some of the skills taught, among others, are:

  • Anger Management


    Relapse Prevention


    Stress Management

    Financial Literacy

    Alta Vista provides classes in: Art Therapy, Bible Study and Parenting, just to name a few.