Community Court

Half of our program residents join Crossroads voluntarily, while the other half are court ordered. We pride ourselves with wrap-around services which includes Community Court. A Community Court is a more familiar and local approach to the regular court focused on neighborhood with the goal to reduce crime and incarceration. It looks to solve local problems. Court officials and treatment providers come together to make a difference.

     Judge Pearson holds court at Crossroads on site.

"It is really important that we hold court here and leave the traditional court room where we're up high with the robe and with armed officers and we're sitting in judgement of individuals. Here, we're part of a team. We're part of a team that is helping these individuals on their path to recovery and we're here with the treatment provider, the social worker and the probation department. It's very important as the judge to sit at the same level that they do. I don't have a robe on and I'm here to impress upon them that we together are here to help them as a community, in fact, this is why it's called Community Court. This program is the best part of my week" -Judge Pearson