On Campus Women’s Program

Housing Opportunities for Women at Crossroads


Phase 1: Sober 24 & Housing Placement

Start the  Crossroads Program. Begin at Sober 24 for treatment or begin directly at Crossroads River House.


Phase 2: Crossroads River House/ Duplex House

The Crossroads River House (20 beds).  Either go to Duplex housing, Phase 3 housing options or to phase 5, graduating the program. Duplex housing: once ready clients will move to permanent housing  in Phase 4. 


Phase 3: Grace Houses/ Family House

There are three Grace Houses that hold 24 beds total. The Grace House helps with reunification, allowing mothers to have family visitation. The Family House has 18 bedrooms and allows families to stay together in one location.


Phase 4 (Coming Soon in Future Plans): Lewis St. Houses

The Lewis House offers permanent housing (3 houses, 12 beds total).


Phase 5: Graduation

Phase 5 is reached when stability has been achieved and client can graduate the program.