On Campus Men’s Program

Housing Opportunities for Men at Crossroads


Phase 1: Sober 24 & Housing Placement

Begin at Sober 24 for treatment and move to House A (Phase 2) or House C (Phase 3) depending on client readiness/situation.


Phase 2: House A

House A- Dorm Style Housing (49 beds). Once ready, move to House C- Studio Style Housing in Phase 3


Phase 3: House C

House C- Studio Style Housing (55 beds).  Depending on clients situation, the client will either move to Phase 4 housing options or go directly through to Phase 5, graduating the program.


Phase 4: Blue House 

There are currently 4 beds available for clients at The Blue House.


Phase 4 (Coming Soon in Future Plans): Lewis St. Houses/ UNR Houses

We plan on having  3 Lewis St. Houses which will offer permanent housing with 12 beds total. We plan on having 25-30 beds available for the UNR Housing.


Phase 5: Graduation

Phase 5 is reached when stability has been achieved and client can graduate the program.