Crossroads & The Community

We care about our clients and strive to  make a positive difference in each and every one of their lives.


Crossroads provides a supportive living arrangement for men and women transitioning out of homelessness. Clients in the program are given a safe and caring environment to live in, along with wraparound social services including drug and alcohol counseling, employment support, volunteer/work opportunities, and other tools to help them establish a new, more productive path in life.


The Crossroads Program is a collaboration between Washoe County Social Services (WCSS) and Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada that began in January of 2011

Participants at Crossroads are wrapped in social services as they continue their regular treatment programs. They are surrounded by a live-in network which will aim to help them establish healthy relationships, a sense of community, and improved life and social skills. We believe Crossroads is a benchmark program that has the potential for expansion and replication both locally and statewide.




Crossroads is a public-private partnership between Washoe County Human Services Agency and Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.


Our success has allowed us to reduce incarceration by expanding services to young offenders, and anyone else who suffers from mental health and/or substance abuse that otherwise has a negative impact on our community. 


To offer an alternative to homelessness and incarceration by offering the tools necessary for anyone to be successful upstanding citizens of our community, while being drug and alcohol free.


The Crossroads program provides a tiered housing approach that targets the super-utilizers homeless clients in Washoe County.  The intent of the program is to identify, intervene and stabilize traditionally high complexity homeless clients, through cooperation with various community partners.